How to Work Smart and Make Money from Snail Farming Without Stress

Snail Farming Without Stress But With A Lot Of Money Making Opportunities

Have you been thinking of going into snail farming but you aren’t sure you’ve what it takes? Or maybe, you started and the same way you rushed into it was the same way you rushed out? (Yeah, happens to the best of us)

You want to know the truth? I’m sure other farmers and business moguls like Aliko Dangote, Rotimi Williams, Babatunde Onileola and Henry Joseph had their own share of doubts, don’t you think? 


But the reason you and I can talk about them now, is because they put their mind on a single goal, did their research, worked smart (and networked) and now we pay them for their services.


Well, you might not be using their products directly but someone you know probably is.

 What I’m saying is, for you to become a successful commercial snail farmer or even a best-selling author you’ve to get the right knowledge, meet the right people and make the right moves.

Essentially, you reap what you sow…

If you’re having strong doubts about your abilities to succeed in snail farming, I think its best you stop reading now. But, if you’ve a strong desire to work smart to make money and you’re interested in snail farming. Buckle up because we’re going on a slow but sweet ride!


Let’s Go Over the Basics of Snail Farming


As you know, snail farming is basically raising land snails. When you do this for commercial purpose it’s known as Helciculture

But for some weird reasons snail farmers aren’t called Helciculturist (Yep, I googled it), what a waste of such a cool name, right?

I’m not going to try to bore you with the nitty-gritty of snail farming, since you’re here to understand how to sell not start a snail farm. So, instead we’ll focus on the elephant in the room…marketing. 

You’ve come so far, just keep going…

You have finally started the business (or about to) and you’re very excited and driven. Then you realize something very important you’ve no idea of how or who to sell your snails too!

You begin to tell friends, colleagues, neighbors’…basically, anybody you can about your snails being ready for purchase. 

You ask them to please help you get the news around but unlike wildfire, it doesn’t spread and worse still no prospective buyer is reaching out!

Well, if you’ve started your snail farm—or just about to start—and you’re currently in this state, I’ve good news for you! 

You can learn how to start making money from your snail farm and I will tell you how can right now.


Everything You Need to Know About Snail Marketing

There are various markets and the buyers from these markets mainly need your product for-

  1. For human consumption- 

You should focus on getting bulk-quantity buyers as your customers. I’m talking about restaurants, hotels, research institutions and shopping malls. 


Also, having a network of people who work with—or are into it themselves—party planners, chefs or caterers would be very handy.


Since you’re raising the snails for commercial purpose, its best you’re more involved with the right people…the ones who need snails in large quantity.

snail farming tips

  1. For industrial uses-

You probably know this, but I’ll say it again for emphasis, all the part of a snail is very useful. Yes, including its intestines that we ignorantly throw away before cooking.


Your ideal customers are those who own, work with or source for raw materials for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. You don’t have to try to convince just anyone to buy your snail shells, intestines or slime. 


Because, this companies (buyers) need them. They use the slime for organic medicines, while the snail shells are used to make animal feed and I recently read that it’s now been used by some companies to filter water. Amazing isn’t it?


Also, the snail intestines and other remnants are used for organic manure in plants. Basically, you earn from all the parts of your snail! See why I said all the parts of a snail is useful?


The truth is companies—and large-scale buyers generally—are constantly searching for reliable vendors; all you need to do is connect with the right ones. And, I’ll tell you how to do so in a bit…


Find What Works Best For You…

As a snail farmer you’ve to choose what works best for you when it comes to marketing your snails. But, I’ll share some of the area of marketing that a lot of snail farmers do-

  • The Table Size Market-

This is where you’ll probably find your most regular customers. Like most commercial snail farmers, you should also target big hotels, restaurants (for example-Chinese), shopping malls and joints.


Do you want to know what these farmers do that you should too? They sell their service, this means that you work smart when selling to your prospects.


You’ve to know how talk to them to understand their needs—it could be snail size, availability, price—when it comes to sourcing for snails, then you negotiate with them.


Most of the other snail farmers enter into a contract of at least six months or one year. You could decide which works best for you. Like these farmers, you should request for an initial payment from the buyer before sending the stock (Snails).


But when entering into a contract, it’s best you don’t forget that snails always hibernate (hide in their shells) during dry season and are very hard to find during this period. So, the prices of snails increase during this period.


After you’ve delivered the stock, full payment should be made to you. It’s very important for you to document every single one of your sales (as proofs, references or in case you forget).


Sometimes, you could mistakenly supply excess or the company (buyer) could pay in excess (Budget surplus). What these snail farmers do—and I believe it’s smart of you to too—is they bring all the excesses forward into the next accounting period. 


The Research Market-

You will do well to separate a part of your stock (snails) for researchers (students doing research).


This should be your growers or point of lay. This researchers use this snail for their projects. So, you can easily track your target audience. 


During my undergraduate study, for my final year project—like the lot of most science students in Nigeria—I had to work with Wistar rats (popularly known as Albino rats).


I remember panicking a little when I thought I would’ve to travel to some foreign state to buy them, but as it turned I didn’t have to! 


Some of the people who finished their products the year before had shared the contacts of their dealers with a few of my course mates! 


And, these guys brought our products (Wistar rats) down to us and convinced us to tell the students coming after us…I gladly did so! Because thanks to them, I didn’t have to go through a stressful journey.


What was their strategy? Word of the mouth, consistency and ready availability of products when needed by buyer (students). You can try that too!


  • The Industrial Market-

As you must have noticed the first two area of markets involved mainly local marketing but industrial market is more of international marketing (exporting of the snails).


Most of the commercial snail farmers find it very difficult to meet up with the large volume of demands despite the fact that they’re produce millions of snails.


This is because of the extremely high demands both from the local and international buyers.