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The Vision.

Disseminate practicable, doable and scalable information on farming, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The Mission.

  1. Empower individuals with practical ideas, connections and help them build brands that would become household names.
  2. Provide authentic facts, contents and news.
  3. Give free practical business ideas.

Who Are We?

When you need information that would help you get prepared to take actions in the right direction in the agribusiness or entrepreneurship field AgricplusBiz should be your go to guy
Every article, product or service offered here is based on thorough research and are from reliable sources.

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About The Founder Of Agricplusbiz

AgricPlusBiz Founder

Jumoke and a baby rabbit

Jumoke is a very passionate young woman with a creative mindset.
She loves to research, write and strategize. And, is passionate about ensuring a seamless flow between people and products/services.
When she is not busy creating badass contents or products, you’ll find her reading a¬†good book, relaxing with loved ones, meditating or doing something fun!
FYI, she’s not a big fan of any sport but loves to dance and walk a lot!
And, she is ever ready to get her hands dirty when it comes to anything that as to do with agriculture, health or entrepreneurship!